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Let me at this point pose a question to you that maybe and most likely, have never thought about. As you go about your day with its many tasks, cares, and worries I think it is very fundamental to ask yourself, “What am I doing, and why am I doing it?” I’ve heard it being said that some of us are so busy making a living that we forget to live.

Well, now that you are aware that you are alive because the evidence is with you ― you can read this piece of writing, you can engage your thoughts and senses and you probably carried yourself to the location in which you are, it is time to answer the “Why?”

Perhaps you could wonder why I consider it very basic to approach everything that pertains to life with a question. It is because we humans are not fashioned as robots which are designed to carry out tasks without thought but merely following the inbuilt programs. In the bible, the story of The Prodigal Son tells us that after the young man got back into his senses, he made the decision to go back to his father. In the same way, the question of why we live has its answer in the one who made us live.

Rick Warren in his book “The Purpose Driven Life” starts us off on this journey of discovering life’s purpose by saying that ‘It All Starts With God’ and ‘It Is Not About Us’.

To help you discover why you live, I have formulated a few steps to start as a guide:

  • Know who you are...(link this to the post on “who am I?” KNOWING YOUR INNER SELF
  • Discover your passions by studying, reading, and experimenting with as many things in life as you can. Remember, you only have this one life to live.
  • Find something worthwhile that you can do for others and that would make you fulfilled because God made us first of all for Himself, and secondly for being there for others.
  • View life with optimism. This way you will turn hurts into healing, you will see an opportunity to do good in every vice and above all, you will challenge as a doorway to bring a unique solution.

I have a strong conviction that you were not made and brought here to just occupy space, consume matter, and after some time exit to I don’t know where. This is the motivating factor in my tireless research to help you know why you live and I hope you are on the look-out. My parting shot on this, for now, is, “Don’t just live, find meaning in it”

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