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Video games and children development

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Every parent is concerned about healthy growth of their children. In an encouraging way they try to make physically and mentally strong their children. Most of the children like video games. So the parent provides proper guidance and appropriate video game to their children. A proper video game increases the mental power and intelligence of a child. Sony’s PlayStation is kind of game which helps to develop the brain of a child.
Background of the research
The PlayStation is a gaming console which was first introduced on 3rd December, 1994. The PlayStation increases the level of socialization of children with the surrounding atmosphere. PlayStation also stimulate imagination and creativity power of the children (Willis, 2010).
Research objectives
To understand the affect of video game on mankind especially on children
To execute the exact process of video game which, can develop a child
To make proper investigation between video game and children development.

Research questions
Is video game making children open minded?
Why are children being attracted toward video game?
How video game is making impassion on child development?
Research limitation
To conduct this research I had to a face many limitations like; gathering information was not so easy because, some companies were not helpful, parents were not supporting and much information was very hard to collect. Time is also an important factor. Many data were untouched because short of time (Willis, 2010).
Literature review
There are many research papers, internet links and large amount of literature works were found on the proposed topic ‘video game and children development’. According to research studies some important gender variations have been notified, as example girls play computer and video games for an average about 5.5 hour/ week but boys play on average 13 hours/week. This kind of dissimilar result shows discrimination of different genders towards playing games. Some times ago a wall street journal reported that several companies now started to produce video game consoles for preschooler children like PlayStation (Beresin, 2010). In addition with that research studies also proved that over 10 per cent parents do not check the ratings on the computer or video games which they buy for their children. According to the studies the computer and video game industry is earning billion through the sales across the world. Making popular video games the manufactures company provides economist intelligence to children.
Studies have also proven that youth adolescent age o group has changed due to playing violent games. After playing violent games the brain of a child imagine that kind of emotional activity and implement on the real life. In other words this imagination process conducts a link between the activities of brain and the types of game which is played by children. These facts do not produce any conclusive evidence which proves that violent computer or video games encourage violent behavior in children (Beresin, 2010). According to many research based studies concludes the above mentioned facts and statistics which have been carried out from many working years. Observing and studying the general behavior of children playing games the researcher collected the information. By the help of this data I will carry out a research on different groups of parents whose children are addicted to gaming or have a great interest on games(Matson, 2009).
Research methodology
Research methodology is an important element in any research project to conduct the research. The researcher can argue each characteristic about the subject to construct an evaluated report about research proposal (Jha, 2008). There are lot of topics involved in order to describe a condensed structure of the whole research such as philosophy, approaches, design, onion, data collection and analysis. Those factors are discussed below:
Types of investigation
There are many imperative areas identified to get the appropriate evidence of all features. These areas are conversed below:
Research philosophy
There are mainly three types of philosophies located such as positivism, interpretivism and realism. As positivism philosophy deals with brand new data, which are taken from useful sources. Research philosophy concludes a serious impact on project through taking steps regarding of classification of investigation. Research philosophy will include the whole nature of collected information and data. Thus, positivism philosophy will be less practical in relation with interpretivism and realism for creating further information and making the realism (Knobe and Nichols, 2008).
Research approach
Different types of programs are included in research approaches which conduct some elements such as methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation. There are two types of research approach used by researcher such as inductive and deductive approach. Inductive approach mainly includes qualitative research data but deductive approach defines quantitative research information.
Research design
There are three types of research design mostly located in many researches such as exploratory, explanatory and descriptive research. Research design provides a structures to the project, as well as the different methods such as data collection, data analysis make a research successful. The descriptive design will be more competent to attempt various points of video games and children development. Moreover, this research design will be very appropriate for grabbing appropriate information about the advantages of gaming console in behavior of children (Downton, 2003).
Research onion
The research onion is called as ‘metaphor’ which provides helps the researcher to conduct a research proposal successfully.
Research Onion

Data collection method
Data collection is a systematic process to collect the most required data from different sources which design proper image of research. There are two types of data collection method used such as Qualitative data collection and Quantitative data collection.
⦁ Qualitative data collection: This type of method mainly focal points on interviews, questionnaire, observation, shadowing and focus set to obtain the useful data to produce the solution of the research questions. This type of data collection method is generally used in secondary data collection method. Moreover, the qualitative data collection method usually improves the quality of data and it is based on the hypothesized of deductive approach.
⦁ Quantitative data collection: The quantitative data collection is generally used in primary data collection method, as well as it involves the use of mathematical and statistical figure to analyse the collected data. This type of method includes the data of survey, newspapers, magazines, internet etc. In order to get appropriate and useful data I will conduct this method. Thus, this data collection method is based on the postulate of inductive approach (Phillips and Stawarski, 2008).
In this research I will conduct the quantitative data collection method to get research questions which is based on the impact of video gamming of children development and behavior.
Sampling method
There are two types of sampling methods used in research project such as probability sampling and non-probability sampling.

⦁ Probability sampling: The sampling method includes a random sampling process and there are four types of probability sampling located such as
⦁ sampling simple random
⦁ sampling stratified random
⦁ sampling cluster
⦁ sampling systematic
⦁ Non-probability sampling: This sampling method is used where random sampling process is not used. There are three types of sampling are included in this non-probability sampling such as
⦁ sampling convenience
⦁ sampling purposive
⦁ sampling quota
Ethical consideration
The researcher has many ethical considerations such as good communication. While collecting the primary data the researcher should use polite languages and well managed behavior with respondents. On the other hand the researcher should not disclose the personal information of respondent.
Data analysis
Many software and process are used by researcher to analysis the collected data. In order to accomplish the research in a proficient manner the researcher will use SPSS software, ANOVA test and MS Excel (Govaert, 2009).

The above mentioned research proposal concludes that how the video gaming console create and evaluate the children behavior. According to the researcher the concern parents of children should pay more attention on purchasing appropriate gaming console. The PlayStation is kind of game which increase the brain power, intelligence of a child. In addition to that the PlayStation contribute the development of children behavior.

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