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Hope theory states that hope involves goals, emotions, and perceived pathways to achieve those goals (Snyder, 2002). … In short, hope is a way of thinking, feeling, and acting (Scioli & Biller, 2010; Clark, 2008). Hope is not denial or optimism or wishing. Hope is always based on reality.

I speak of hope not as something that is uncommon or unheard-of to us but as a substance that exists in the very nature of man and has been in him from the very beginning. It comes with a very simple definition that it is the expectation that something good will happen or things will turn out well for us. Allow me to interject and say that simple as it might seem to define hope, the question of understanding it is a whole new story.

From its definition, it is evident that things are not always how we wish they were. It is also clear that as a human being, everything I do is geared towards bringing out goodness, comfort, fulfillment, joy, satisfaction, merry to name a few. But if I asked, I am certain that the answer I could get is that it does not always turn out that way. So here follows another query. Now that things do not always turn out well for us, does it nullify the existence of hope? Or rather, what evidence could you give for what you hope for?

If you noted, I referred to hope as a substance. For you and me to understand hope, we have to employ our mental faculties or the mind so to say.  If you ever doubted the power of your mind, ask it to give you the evidence of the things you hope for and you will be amazed at who you are!!!

Does it boggle your mind when you look at all the innovations and inventions that exist now on earth? The giant skyscrapers built in the midst of the sea and that can withstand even the most severe earthquakes, the supersonic war-craft planes that only leave blasts for evidence and not a sight of them in the air, plus many more. If we were to travel back in time and we are told that such were ideas in someone’s mind, I am sure we would have laughed with derision at them. Now, this is how hope and the mind are connected. Bringing our imaginations into reality.

Allow me to put it this way on the question of understanding hope. I will say that one’s mind is the one and only wagon (however slow or fast it could be), that carries him to the destination called hope as a substance. After such a revelation on the possibility of my mind to achieve what I hope for by focusing relentlessly on it, I would take it up as a challenge to possess now whatever I wish.

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