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Top five (5) things men want from women but they don’t say.

Women have traditionally believed to fall in love with the shape and the beauty of their lovers. But there is more to this that men need which will make them distinguish between various women and who to really marry.

1. Respect

Men will never say that they want respect from you. All they would do is to evaluate the level of respect you give them. Respect is one of the things that most men will look after in search of a married partner. It’s found deep down in men’s hearts.

2. Independence.

Men will look for a lady who portrays an independent nature. In independence, men will search for is whether the woman has her own thoughts, a firm stand on things, and also financially independent. If you beer this character men will find themselves sticking around you and it’s easy to get married.

3. Smartness.

Ladies who are smart and elite will naturally attract men. It’s said that behind every successful man there is a smart woman behind him. Men will need a smart lady who will help them in decision making and also improving their financial status and also run a business. A smart lady will attract better men even without tonnes of makeups and hair rolls.

4. Courageous.

Men will look for a brave woman who will be there for his children even in his absence. A courageous woman will stand firm for her family and also provide protection for the children when the man is at work or in his absence.

5. Smile.

Smiling will lighten up a dark night for a man. A smile will always make your man come closer. It’s a sign that the lady is satisfied with what the man is providing and in that case, a good smile raises the ego of a man. Keep smiling always and no matter your shape and pretty faces men will always love to see you smiling.

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