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Music is all over. It surrounds and engulfs everything that lives. Yes, from that early bird that usually makes us realize it is morning to the four creatures around the throne of God who without ceasing worship the Lamb. It exists in everything, it is everything and it is a world on its own.

Music speaks to the soul and connects the spirit to the beauty and glory of whom it is directed. It heals and replenishes the bones that are broken and brings city walls tumbling down. It dates back to creation with Lucifer being the angel who was responsible; it is here with us and will forever be.

When I begun thinking about music, I realized there is a connection between the word “muse” and “music”. To muse is to consider something thoughtfully and a muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration according to the Cambridge English dictionary. What I draw from these is that before you can write and sing music, there must be a person or rather a deity that inspires you to artistically, thoughtfully and with much consideration praise and glorify.

To me, music by itself is another world because it so penetrates to the most intricate parts of my being- to my spirit, lifting me from here to a place that is indescribable in words but so familiar to the feelings and emotions. I think of music as a vehicle; every time I board it takes me to a place I have never been. The kind of music I describe comes with a kind of joy that is so divine and cosmic-out of this world. It makes one forget about the sorrows of this world and puts you into a place of perfect peace where you heart is full of mirth.

So what is music to you? What effect does it have on you and how much? Would you think of music as a world on its own? Are you a muse or rather do you muse about music?

Well, this is the much I could say about music for now but I feel like I haven’t even begun. A lot more is coming…

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