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 In your speech, thoughts, art or whatever thing you have done, at one time you did imagine. If you asked me why people imagine, I would simply say it is because they have minds!! Imagination could be defined as the ability of the mind to be creative. From the biblical story of creation, you would believe with me that God must have begun with a mental picture of the finished product He wanted and thus spoke it into being. Now, does it make you heart jump a beat considering that God did not speak man into being but rather He employed His creativity to make you and me in His likeness and thus we can also be creative?

The famous genius Albert Einstein once said; “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”. My focus is on how imagination encircles the world. In his speech, Albert Einstein went ahead to say that he trusted his intuition and he was not surprised that he knew things. He says that imagination by itself is a real factor in scientific research. On this I totally agree with him and to add I would say that imagination is yet another world.

It is another world because it involves the creativity and the power of the mind. I want to believe that art is birthed by the mind through imagination. An artist must form a mental picture of his work of art before he can gather all the necessary components of the art and thus actually produce it. Can you imagine being an artist, you are caught in the middle of creating something and someone asks what it is only for you to realize you don’t really know? It would be such a great disaster. This is why I think it is very basic for someone creative to transcend into the world of imagination, see the object of their creativity and thus produce it with full knowledge. Wait, did imagination come before knowledge in that previous statement? Then Albert Einstein was right.

My personal sentiment on imagination is that it is a function of the mind that enables me escape. Yes, I escape not necessarily physically but in thought and enter into this wonderful world where I can combine the senses of what is familiar with my creativity to create things that do not exist in the now. It is wonderful and awe-inspiring because I return with my creation in mind and anytime I could make it a reality!!

Can you imagine??

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