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Adventure is wonderful because it fills the heart with expectation and beautiful imaginations. If you knew that tomorrow you will tour a place that you have never been before but you have an idea of it, you won’t stop expecting. Your mind always seems to leave you and it wanders into this place that you expect to discover. The heart palpitates with the thought of the wonders that are on the way. It is exciting and I am sure everyone has this innate desire to experience something divine, awesome and out of this world for a moment.

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Our minds have the ability to store and retrieve information about the things we have experienced and the lessons we have learned. This is what we call memory and it is a very critical functionality of the brain. In one way or another, memory has played an important role for you to be where you are. If you had none, you wouldn’t have passed your exams at kindergarten!! You wouldn’t have traced your way to the workplace this morning eithe

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