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 Adventure is wonderful because it fills the heart with expectation and beautiful imaginations. If you knew that tomorrow you will tour a place that you have never been before but you have an idea of it, you won’t stop expecting. Your mind always seems to leave you and it wanders into this place that you expect to discover. The heart palpitates with the thought of the wonders that are on the way. It is exciting and I am sure everyone has this innate desire to experience something divine, awesome and out of this world for a moment.

This world is full of wonder and beauty. Away and out of it exists the supernatural, the cosmos, and the vastness of the galaxies and the wonder of how they are suspended in the invisible. There has never ever been a satisfactory scientific explanation of the origin and the fate of the universe. Only so many philosophies, theories and postulations can be made concerning it but they all have shortcomings. Amid these ‘confusions’ so to call them, there is one thing that is certain. There is the truth, the way and the life for those who choose to believe Him who says so.

Many are the promises that we get from people and most often they fail and never come true. Despite their failure, we that have been promised always wait with expectation for the promises by people. In the end we feel cheated, wasted and played. We might even hate because of unfulfilled promises. However, there is one who is a true promise keeper. His words are as certain and as real as the physical evidence of His creation. The universe is His show of might and creativity. Absolutely nothing is impossible to Him- so He told the father of faith, Abraham.

At the end of the world, He has promised us a new place that is full of wonder. We sure have had the opportunity to tour cities across the world and we are awed by the magnificence of some of them; the structures, beautiful beaches, the way they are planned and much more.  Adventurous as this can be, it will come to an end of destruction and thus we are left with one hope.

This is the hope to enter this city with streets of gold. It shall be more than an adventure because it shall be a home, our dwelling forever. This city has no need for light for the glory of God illuminates it. Its gates shall not be shut at the end of day because there will be no night there. He that has promised is faithful and it shall surely come. When you choose to trust in His faithfulness, you will realise that this world has nothing to offer you. You begin to expectantly wait for the fulfillment of this promise.

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