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Self Help Group Management system

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One focus

Hello, today we are going to create a Self Help Group online management System.

Most Self-Help groups in the world lack very essential record-keeping systems, long hours of approving members to the group, long hours of giving out loans, and also spend so much to correct funds from members and manage them.

Having studied the problems above, the researcher proposes to build an online loan application system where members can log in, apply for loans online, scan and send the collateral documents online and view their loan status. The proposed project will address the above challenges effectively saving time and money. 

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Get an Account:

We are a group that is committed to see you grow from one financial level to another. We believe that we can change the world especially economically step by step as we affect individuals and member’s lives through reliable money management and education.

Get a Saving Account:

SHGs function on the basis of co-operative principles and provide a forum for members to extend support to each other. It is considered is a means of empowerment. SHGs organize very poor people who do not have access to the financial system in the organized sector. In groups, normally transparency and accountability are lacking.

Get a Loan:

The main objective of this program is to bring the beneficiaries above the poverty line by providing income-generating assets to them through bank credit and government subsidy. The Self-Help Groups (SHPs) are the major component of this scheme.

Welcome to Vision Self Help Group:

We are committed to be the driving force behind your growth and financial prosperity.

Self-Help Group refers to self-governed, peer controlled, informal group of people with same socio-economic background and having a desire to collectively perform common purposes. Here poor people voluntarily come together to save whatever amount they can save conveniently out of their earnings, to mutually agree to contribute to a common fund and to lend to the members for meeting their productive and emergent needs.

SHGs have been able to mobilize small savings either on weekly or monthly basis from persons who were not expected to have any savings. They have been able to effectively recycle the resources generated among the members for meeting the emergent credit needs of members of the group.

SHG is a group formed by the community women, which has specific number of members like 15 or 20. In such a group the poorest women would come together for emergency, disaster, social reasons, economic support to each other have ease of conversation, social interaction and economic interaction.

A SHG is an informal association to enhance the member’s financial security as primary focus and other common interest of members such as area development, awareness, motivation, leadership, training and associating in other social inter-mediation programmes for the benefit of the entire community.

Members Education:

We can ask new members to participate in mandatory activities as part of their new member education. Just because something is mandatory does not mean it is inappropriate, and there are ways to improve mandatory events to make them more impactful educational experiences.

Investment Model:

Bankers serve as mediators between the investors and those willing to sell their investments. The funds obtained from members are used to earn enormous yields by investing them in various debt and equity investments. This activity is known as investment banking.


People often spend decades saving money with Us and obtain loans for specific purposes. Besides producing lucrative benefits for individuals as well as groups, it also helps to circulate the money throughout the entire economy, which has its own benefits.

24 hours Service:

Enterprise asset management deals with enabling business processes and information systems to improve efficiency in the management of clients’ tangible and intangible assets.

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