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Online Personal Counselling System in PHP



Student project – Guidance and Counseling Services Management System in PHP, MySQL




Online Personal Counselling System in PHP

Online Personal Counseling system. In order to improve the services related to the personal counseling process, many online counseling systems came into existence that supports the students in getting required help about the educational policies of universities and some personal guidance to the students. Counseling is the process that includes different types of activities such as guiding students toward colleges and universities and supporting them to choose the right career path. Providing full guidance in getting the information related to their personal and mental illness. This online counseling system even gives great support to universities and colleges through which they can totally reduce the paper usage for counseling and guide the students from the professors towards their day-to-day life. Basically, this software includes three different modules in which universities can manage their, students’ records as well as counseling sections.


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