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This is a question that you most likely have been asked, you have asked someone else or maybe it is a question that is still ringing in your mind and you haven’t come to a point of certainty about. I take it as impractical for any being that lives to believe in nothing. Even then, such a being would still believe in something which in that case would be nothing.

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How to stop worrying about things you can’t control.

Anxiety is one ingredient that never misses in our day to day living. It is almost impossible to escape this unwelcome, constant companion that shows up whenever it is not needed. That is why you will never find someone who finds you worried about something and all they do is to fuel it by encouraging you to worry even the more. It is even unimaginable that anyone in their right senses could do that. So, if it is completely unacceptable to be anxious, worried and full of fear, why do we always find ourselves here?

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Life is a Journey not a Destination

Life is a journey and it does not end by death. My actions will follow me after death, meaning I will still be there-somewhere. I decide today what will follow me when I am gone and the amazing thing is that I am not alone. This is a story by me, about me and for me. The “I” in this writing is the reader, not the writer!!..(winks). What will it be when I am gone?

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