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System development methodologies.

System development methodologies. Waterfall Iterative methodology. An alternative to sequential development of systems. Plan system. Optimize process design Improve performance System design. Upgrade of the existing system Good design. Easy to learn and useQuick execution performance. Install and test system, System deployment, Direct deployment Palalell deployment. Maintain system in production …

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It could shock you that not all human beings are humane. There are many that live in this world who superficially are human beings but they have beastly hearts. I don’t want to dwell on this vice because it even pricks my heart to think about it. Humanity is the quality of being humane; it is the kindness or benevolence of a person.

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Today I am not where I was yesterday and obviously I won’t be here tomorrow. If I picture taking a journey from one point to another say from home to the work place and I walk daily for a month, you would agree with me that today it’s unlikely I will step exactly where I stepped yesterday.

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