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Have you attempted to imagine a life void of memory?

 Our minds have the ability to store and retrieve information about the things we have experienced and the lessons we have learned. This is what we call memory and it is a very critical functionality of the brain. In one way or another, memory has played an important role for you to be where you are. If you had none, you wouldn’t have passed your exams at kindergarten!! You wouldn’t have traced your way to the workplace this morning either.

Just as it possible with our minds to dive into the world of imagination (link), we could recall back instances and events from our past and relive them for a moment. Sometimes we don’t have a choice of the memories that come into our minds, some could be bitter and others are so sweet; we want to dwell there. The ability to recall something is important to who we are because we will remember what touched our hearts with an impact that is still felt. In other words, memories are part of us. Take away memory from our minds, bitter or sweet and we are incomplete; in fact, you won’t know who you are.

One of the things that trigger memory fast is seeing something that reminds you of the exact time, event, and manner of things as they were then. This would be a picture or a photograph. I would say that it is mentally healthy to have such memories. Have you seen how exciting it is when a couple of friends go through an album of photographs taken in the past? I actually remember how an entire Sunday evening went down on us while reviewing great family moments with only two photo albums some days ago. Memories carry emotions with them.

Equally, a bad or painful memory could still be of much help to the one recalling and others too. The effect that a specific incident had on you will make you be cautious with yourself and others. Whenever you recall a painful memory, it gives the energy, the moral right to stand for what is right and to fight against a vice. I read somewhere that painful experiences are allowed in our lives so that through them we can become what God wanted us to be. I have often heard people ask why bad things happen to good people. Well, I would say that it happens because we are not good enough and the Master knows that only something painful can make us the best versions of ourselves.

It is time to embrace our memories.

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