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How to resolve “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration” error in XAMPP Server?

mcrypt extension

mcrypt extension

This article will guide you on how to resolve the “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration” error.

First of all, take a backup of this file in case if anything goes wrong you can revert it. After that, open the ‘php.ini’ file using text editor application, search for extension=php_mcrypt.dll in this file.

  1. Remove the semicolon (;) from the beginning of the extension to uncomment it and save this change.
  2. If this line is not present in the file then you can add it under the extensions list and save the change.
  3. Clear the cache of your browser and have a try now to access phpMyAdmin from your end. This time it will not show an error and will open in the usual manner.
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