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There comes a time, a moment when I get so much used to everything and everyone around me and I’m struck by a craving, a desire, and a wish to be far away from existence. It is strange I must admit, to attempt describing something that seems fictional yet it is real at least for some people.

If it didn’t exist, I would say that I believe but now I know there is another world apart from the one which you and I are in right now? As a matter of fact, this world that is far, different, peculiar, and by all means real is not one. So in other words it is right to say that there exist other worlds.

Have you ever been keenly and attentively listening to a person narrating an experience they had and you were completely awed by what they said and the only conclusion you could draw is that it does not exist? Well, as far as you are concerned it is true that it does not exist but to them it actually does.

I would want to clarify that what I am talking about is possible. Yes, it is possible to be in another world while still being here physically and in some cases which are rare, one could physically escape here and be in another whole new world. To be categorical on my subject, I am neither talking about the possession of mystical or dark powers nor am I talking about witchcraft or other related explanations that have spiritual dimensions. It is all about reality.

It happens that in times of extreme joy or agony which sometimes so vehemently grips a person’s mind, emotions, soul, and even the spirit, that person ceases to exist in the ‘here and now’ and transcends this world, entering into another. If you connect this to the narration I was suggesting earlier, you will begin to ‘see some light’. Maybe an example at this point would suffice. In the book of Acts 7:56, a man named Stephen was being stoned to death and he said “Behold I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”  What Stephen saw and experienced was evidently out of this world.

By now I’m certain that you concur with me that indeed there is another world and you could have as well been there. Whether or not you’ve had the experience of being in this other world, allow me to say that it is awesome and thrilling sometimes but myself I enjoy. Maybe you would want to know what really happens before you can actually enter the other world. I will be glad to explain these in my next post.

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