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Life is a Journey not a Destination

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Today I am not where I was yesterday and obviously I won’t be here tomorrow. If I picture taking a journey from one point to another say from home to the work place and I walk daily for a month, you would agree with me that today it’s unlikely I will step exactly where I stepped yesterday. This is the hidden dynamism of life which is hidden to many who are not sensitive. Gradually I would grow tired of what I am doing today no matter how much I like or how much it matters to me now and later I  would develop another passion. A step after another and my life is becoming a history to be read. What will be read about me? What will I live behind when I am gone?

This question leaves me gasping for breath. It makes me examine and scrutinize my path of life in my desperate endeavour to be meaningful now and later. Today we talk more of whatever meaningful thing that was done in the past as we are hopeful for better to come. I believe the hope for a better tomorrow is in what is in existence now. My desperation alone won’t be enough for me to be productive. I need to take a step after another in the journey I would call purpose. Purpose because I believe that if there was no place in this world for me, God would not have been so creative in designing me the way I am and placing me here for such a time as this. Yes, His word in Psalm 139 talks about what a wonder I am.

The knowledge of God comes with a lot of revelation. Knowing Him tells me that I am richly endowed with potential, ability, wisdom, talents, experiences and gifts which He has freely given me to put to use now. Perhaps I am using one of these here and I can only imagine how pleasing it is to Him. Talking about purpose of life, it could shock you how many people are living on earth without the slightest clue of why they are here. How can one even fulfil a purpose which they do not know?

My journey of discovering this has revealed that a purposeful life is not something that is far away hidden from me. It has revealed that from whatever the very minute, insignificant thing that happens to me even to the most critical like my birth, my purpose is inclusive. Rick Warren in his book “The Purpose Driven Life” says people will remember how you made them feel more than anything else. This means that when I am gone, what will matter is how much impact I had on others.

Life is a journey and it does not end by death. My actions will follow me after death, meaning I will still be there-somewhere. I decide today what will follow me when I am gone and the amazing thing is that I am not alone. This is a story by me, about me and for me. The “I” in this writing is the reader, not the writer!!..(winks). What will it be when I am gone?

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