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Like a beautiful multifaceted piece of diamond, people come with different personalities which are very fundamental factors in their behavior, careers, marriage partners, and almost everything else that surrounds their lives.

Perhaps knowing your personality could come as a shock to you in the explanation as to why you do the stuff you do without much thought. Universally, you and I fall into the broader category of either extroversion or introversion. Now, whether this is the first time you are hearing of these two terms or not, it is true that many do not really understand what they mean. On my part, it took time to really understand and accept my personality.

An extrovert is basically a person who draws their energy-the driving force in an activity, from the people that surround them. In essence, an extrovert is really himself when he is around other people. You will find a typical extrovert actively involved in conversations whereby they are using almost every part of themselves, laughing, jumping up and down and the topic of discussion could be in most cases irrelevant in life. In the absence of people, an extrovert has an almost insatiable craving for the company and they will do anything to interact with others. It actually makes them sick to be alone and it is like they’re only alive among others.

Of the most astounding researches ever done on personality types, the most reliable was done by Myers and Briggs commonly known as MBTI. It classifies all the personalities into sixteen types based on how an individual perceives, interacts, and reacts to the world around them. Now, are you an extrovert or an introvert? It would be my pleasure to take you through this amazing journey of self-discovery.

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