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“Who am I” is one of the most fundamental questions any living man could ever ask himself. Life in itself is one of the many mysteries that man has faced and there are innumerable philosophies that people have given in the attempt and the quest to answer “who am I?”
My take in this is that man has been faced with futility in all his toil and endeavors to find who he really is and there is absolutely no other way to answer this except that such a man is completely emptied of himself and with all that is within himself turn to the superiority and the sovereignty of a deity.

Now, the question of a deity is one that could come with many answers depending on a specific person’s background, culture, and belief system but regardless of how many they are, this cannot nullify the existence of the one and true God- maker of heaven and earth and all that exists. He is the same who after the creation of every ‘thing’ saw it most important, crucial, critical, and basic to form man in His very own image for one reason- fellowship. The late Myles Munroe (may he R.I.P) liked using the analogy of a product and its manufacturer in explaining how a man can know who he is and why he exists. I agree with him totally that only the manufacturer could answer with precision any query that could arise concerning his product.
To this point, I believe we have walked together through the introduction of “Who Am I” which by any means is not a thing we could exhaust in a single script. Do you like it? Are you in suspense and anxious for the next episode of “Who am I”? Then it’s my humble request that we board this boat, row it slowly as we reflect on what we’ve said, and crossed to the other side of the shore…….

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NSTRUCTIONS: Attempt all the questions. To be done in groups of 5 – 7 students. [30 Marks]
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You have made your choice. You want to begin a work from house venture. The idea of making money online is something you want. A net company could bring monetary freedom to you and your household. You claim to yourself “I’m ready yet what do I do?” Basically, if you have a laptop and an internet connection would be enough to start a profitable online business, but of course some basic knowledge about website building and writing skills may also be an advantage in this field as well. Here is the way to start a successful online business.
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10 Mistakes Young People Make And Regret Later In Life

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10 Mistakes Young People Make And Regret Later In Life. Being young is great, the greatest moments in life are when you young, there’s nothing greater than being 21, all those late-night parties in college, drinking all night, and the feeling of being young. It’s a great time but, unfortunately, you can only live it once, no matter how nice it is to be young, you will eventually grow old, and the best time to plan for the future is now when you still young. A quote in one great movie once said, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. “Nothing stays the same it all gets crushed. It all gets broken. It all passes with time. Only the moment you’re in has any meaning.”

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