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COMPUTER SCIENCE / IT Project Documentation Example.

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COMPUTER SCIENCE / IT Project Documentation Example free download.

A common question asked of project management leaders is, “What is the value of project documentation, and how can I be sure I’m doing it correctly?” Project documentation is undeniably important in project management training. It is substantiated by the two primary tasks of documentation: ensuring that project requirements are met and establishing traceability of what has been done, who has done it, and when it was done.

For both the individual document and the entire project documentation, documentation must establish the foundation for quality, traceability, and history. It’s also crucial that the documentation is well-organized, understandable, and sufficient.

Uses for Project Documentation

Experienced project managers are excellent at creating and adhering to standard templates for project documents. They repurpose successful project plans, business cases, requirement sheets, and project status reports to allow them to focus on their core competency of project management rather than juggling unmanageable paperwork.

Project management is typically divided into four stages: Initiation, Planning, Control, and Closure.

Documentation Example free download below.

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