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Gospel Artist, Ringtone! Defiled Me When I Was Only 9 – Bridget Achieng

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On Thursday 31st March, Bridget took to her Instagram to give more details of the alleged rape that took place 4 years ago before her fame. Speaking during Instagram Live she warned netizens against being too quick to criticize as she went on to narrate how Ringtone tricked her into his house with malicious intentions despite the fact that she had trusted him to help her with her music career.

In a video posted on social media, Bridget strongly rebukes the rape culture in the country. From her emotions, you would tell she was talking about an issue close to her heart.

In the 49-minute video, she asked men to stop taking advantage of young girls because of their money. While addressing the matter, Bridget recounts how gospel artist Ringtone Apoko took advantage of her.

Bridget claimed that the singer invited her to his house in Westlands somewhere around between 2013 and 2014. Knowing that Ringtone could help her with her singing career, she accepted the invite.

During the invite, Bridget claimed that the gospel artist sexually abused her. Threatening him with a lawsuit, the socialite said the singer told her that she could take him nowhere for he was rich.
“Ringtone took advantage of me seven years ago and told me I cannot do anything even if I go to the police because I do not have money,” Bridget claimed.

“When I was 12 my father passed away and I was left with my uncle who used to molest me when I was a kid. When I cried for help, no one could hear me because my mum used to come home late when she was very tired and she didn’t have time because of the younger kids,” she said in a post.

The alleged encounter with Ringtone is not however the first time the socialite is claiming to be abused sexually.

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