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Functions of Computer Science Professional Bodies

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Functions of Computer Science Professional Bodies

Functions of Computer Science Professional Bodies

  1. Establish a code of conduct to which members of the profession must abide.
  2. Establish mechanisms for the dissemination of knowledge & good practice to members
  3. Set standards of education (for example degree accreditation)
  4. Advise government and regulators (for instance in the drafting of new law)
IT/Computer Science Professional bodies & their main functions
IT/Computer Science Professional bodies & their main functions

Reservation of title and function

  1. Reservation of title
  2. Use of the name of a profession is restricted to qualified people
  3. To call yourself a member of the profession you must be recognized by the professional body.

 E.g. to advertise yourself as an architect is illegal without permission of the ARB (Architects Act, 1997)

Reservation of function

• To carry out the functions associated with the profession, you must be recognized by the body.

• E.g. to audit the accounts of any public company, you must be recognized by Assoc of Certified Accountants

Software Development as Engineering

  • Software engineers shall commit themselves to making the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of software a beneficial and respected profession. In accordance with their commitment to the health, safety and welfare of the public.
Functions of Computer Science Professional Bodies
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