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This is a question that you most likely have been asked, you have asked someone else or maybe it is a question that is still ringing in your mind and you haven’t come to a point of certainty about. I take it as impractical for any being that lives to believe in nothing. Even then, such a being would still believe in something which in that case would be nothing. The insufficiency of man has always cornered him to a limit in the answer to life’s mysteries as to why everything is the way it is. You certainly have no answer to everything either and thus you must believe. Man’s limitedness has made to him to resort to the belief of the existence of some power that is beyond him that caused and still causes things to happen. For you to believe, you must possess a substance called faith.

Faith comes with diverse meanings and definitions that are specific to the believer in question. You have heard a question like, “Do we share the same faith?”  This is a suggestion that there are as many “faiths” as there are beliefs or people. Allow me to state that faith is one substance that is so strongly attached to man, one that cannot be taken away from him and has the ability to cause things to happen that in the natural are impossible. This is regardless of whom that man has put his faith in. I would say that faith is a gift given to man by his maker so that with it he can glorify Him (his maker). The title of this piece is inspired and motivated by many things in life, one being a movie named “do you believe?” I would recommend it to you for watching and learning because of its richness in the truth- a truth that is strongly embedded in our daily lives.

People who approach life with faith in the living God, like Him, cannot be shaken by anything. That kind of person will have joy in their heart no matter what comes because they believe that life here on earth is only a part of the bigger picture. This bigger picture is the substance, the evidence and incorruptible certainty that they are sojourners on earth for a time and soon they will see and enter their destiny- the place where they have belonged since the beginning. He that has promised them this promise is constantly re-assuring them of His unfailing faithfulness and He is so real and personal to them. Think about this faith and how it connects and explains everything.

It is easier than anything to believe. To have faith in the one true God because then your heart will never be troubled by anything that is beyond you. It also pleases Him that you and I can believe Him. So, do you believe?

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