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Computer System

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Computer System

Today’s world is an information-rich world and it has become a necessity for everyone to know
about computers. Purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you about computer systems and its
The word computer comes from the word “compute” which means, “to calculate.” Thereby, a
computer is an electronic device that can perform arithmetic operations at high speed. A
computer is also called a data processor because it can store, process, and retrieve data whenever
desired. The activity of processing data using a computer is called data processing.

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Computer System is an electronic data processing device, which does the following:
• Accept and store an input data.
• Process the data input.
• And output the processed data in required format.

A computer Is made up of two key components:

the hardware and the software.

This will be discussed more in the next topics.
Any digital computer carries out five functions in gross terms:
• Takes data as input.
• Stores the data/instructions in its memory and can use them when required.
• Processes the data and converts it into useful information.
• Outputs the information.
• Controls all the above four steps.

Basic computer operation

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Advantages of a Computer System.

Following list demonstrates the advantages of Computers in today’s arena.
High Speed
• Computer is a very fast device.
• It is capable of performing addition of very big data.
• The computer has units of speed in microsecond, nanosecond and even the picosecond.
• It can perform millions of calculations in a few seconds as compared to man, who can
spend many months for doing the same task.

• In addition to being very fast, computers are very accurate.
• The computer has performed calculations 100% error-free.
• Computers perform all jobs with 100% accuracy.
Storage Capability
• Memory is a very important characteristic of computers.
• The computer has much more storage capacity than human beings.
• It can store large amount of data.
• It can store any type of data such as images, videos, text, audio and any other type.
• Unlike human beings, a computer is free from monotony, tiredness and lack of
• It can work continuously without creating any error and boredom.
• It can do repeated work with same speed and accuracy.
• A computer is a very versatile machine.
• A computer is very flexible in performing the jobs to be done.
• This machine can be used to solve the problems relating to various different fields.
• At one instant, it may be solving a complex scientific problem and the very next moment
it may be playing a card game.

• A computer is a reliable machine.
• Modern electronic components have failure-free long lives.
• Computers are designed to make maintenance easy.
• Computer is an automatic machine.
• Automation means ability to perform the task automatically.
• Once a program is given to computer, i.e., stored in computer memory, the program and
instructions can control the program execution without human interaction.
Reduction in Paper Work
• The use of computers for data processing in an organization leads to reduction in paper
work and speeds up the process.
• As data in electronic files can be retrieved as and when required, the problem of
maintenance of large number of files gets reduced.
Reduction in Cost
• Though the initial investment for installing a computer is high but it substantially reduces
the cost of each of its transaction.

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Disadvantages of a computer system

Following list demonstrates the disadvantages of Computers in today’s arena.
No Intelligence quotient.
• A computer is a machine and has no intelligence of its own to perform any task.
• Each and every instruction has to be given to the computer.
• A computer cannot take any decision on its own.
• It can perform function as instructed by user, so it is fully dependent on human being.
• The operating environment of computer should be dust-free and suitable to it.
No Feeling

• Computer has no feeling or emotions.
• It cannot make judgments based on feeling, taste, experience, and knowledge unlike a
human being.

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  • Introduction to Computers
    What is a computer? In simple terms a computer is a machine that processes data into information, a computer can also be described as an electronic device that saves, transmits and processes data into information using electrical signals. The physical parts of a computer include: Mouse, Keyboard, system unit and screen. COMMON TERMINOLOGIES USED IN COMPUTER When data is processed into information, the following stages are involved Computer functions Data- it simply refers to raw alphanumeric values which have no much meaning to the user. //raw here stands for unprocessed
    Data is a collection of facts & figures, which can be processed to produce information. The activity can be Accounting, Inventory control, etc. Environment can be business, scientific, education,
    The quality of Input data is important to the accuracy of output. Control must be instituted as early as possible in the system & everything possible must be done to ensure that data is complete and accurate before being input to the computer.
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