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A Computer program is an application used to accomplish any task imaginable in soft form.
It is important to take a structured approach when programming thus implementing a program problem in certain order of steps.

Packaged programs they can be purchased from software stores, ordered via email and direct from manufacturer.
Costumed programs they are designed for a particular or specific purpose within a given organization.



In individual business units, the transactions are recorded on the source documents, which are taken to the data processing department for processing. Human beings work on source documents mentally or with the aid of some simple manipulation tools.



The quality of Input data is important to the accuracy of output. Control must be instituted as early as possible in the system & everything possible must be done to ensure that data is complete and accurate before being input to the computer.

Introduction to Computers

What is a computer?
In simple terms a computer is a machine that processes data into information, a computer can also be described as an electronic device that saves, transmits and processes data into information using electrical signals. The physical parts of a computer include: Mouse, Keyboard, system unit and screen. COMMON TERMINOLOGIES USED IN COMPUTER
When data is processed into information, the following stages are involved
Computer functions
Data- it simply refers to raw alphanumeric values which have no much meaning to the user. //raw here stands for unprocessed

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