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How to make money online.

How to make money online.

How to make money online.

Hello, I am going to take you through these strategies that are proven online money-makers, and if you do them well enough, they can take on a life of their own. In fact, your day job just might be the side hustle. Be keen and go through this together until the end, I have a bonus point at the end of this, please let us not waste time and start now.

The great ideas to make money from home are available online, that is you have to go online, which means to make money online you have go get a website or rely on other websites.

Here are the seven most profitable proven online money making platforms.

Number 1: Online store

It is , with no doubts that 70% of internet users are relying on online purchases currently. So if you are a budding retailer or you have services that you sell locally, make sure you get yourself an online store for your business.

You could even, for instance start a drop shipping platform and earn money without having inventory and managing shipments. Some of drop shipping websites includes, shopfy, amazon, jumia, etc. You can visit their website and create a drop shipping account. 

Number 2: Recipe website

Recipe websites has become one of the best ways that people are looking, so that they can add some flavor in their kitchen. Everyone who loves home-cooked meals will seek to have some inspiration from elsewhere, and its in this where food or recipe blogs come in. If you consider yourself an expert in a certain cuisine, you can earn some extra income from sharing your expertise on a website.

There are a number of recipe website which are public spaces, where anyone can post on their favorite cooking ideas, if you incorporate such an idea in your website make sure to add ratings and reviews to optimize your content.

On the same website you could also sell prepared recipe as eBooks, to earn some extra cash.

3. News Website:

If you follow current affairs and politics, it could very easy for you to start a news website that could make money for you.

If you are offering quantity and quality news website, you can monetize it using display ads such as google AdSense, and also membership subscriptions.

There is a high demand for a news website, as local newspapers are struggling out here, and believe me that this will be a huge trend going from this year and beyond.

4. Start an E-learning Website:

Consider creating an eLearning platform, if you are an expert in a particular area. You can create some courses for free and some other courses paid through membership revenue.

Some of your tutorials can be an effective way to make money online, since you can also sell them directly to client.  

You can get freelancing jobs through this website where some of your viewers can consider hiring you for the particular expertise that you display on you website.

5. Tools website.

A tools website, is a website that people will use online, for example, there are people who are looking for a software to convert a pdf file into a word document, and such a platform can make you money by display ads or even paid instances for converting from one form to the other.

A tool website will always earn money with doing anything on it. All you need is an effective tool that the client will use.

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