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7 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

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I look at today’s topic and it makes me think, hard. Do I detect stress in that? Many things in life need to be managed and in that line I’d like to think of titles like Hotel Manager, Bank Manager and Managing Director. Who doesn’t want to be a Manager somewhere? When you think of management and what needs to be managed in life, you realize that it must be complex, enormous, detailed, influential and involving quite a number of entities that work together. By this, whatever is in question will require someone or something to take the overall charge. I am stressing this so that you can realize that at some point you will have stress and then you MUST become a manager.

If I was to metaphorically describe stress, what comes into my mind is an ugly beast that makes all manner of disturbing sounds, desperately and relentlessly seeking the attention of the person in whose mind it enters. Now, stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It varies in degrees from a nervous reaction due to danger, to severe cases which could lead to depression. With this in mind, it is evident everyone encounters stress but it is the severe unhealthy type that requires to be managed. Failure to manage stress as discussed earlier would lead to sickness and the failure of the person in question to function normally.

The basic step in managing stress is to first acknowledge that you are stressed then identify the cause of the stress. There are numerous causes of stress depending on a person’s activity and their thoughts at the time stress kicks in. Once you identify the cause, you take the next step of avoiding it by engaging in other activities that will relax your body and mind. Consider the metaphor I gave in the previous paragraph. Now, if you plugged in your headphones to your phone and started listening to soothing music, you would realize that the disturbing noises of that beast begin to fade away. If you engage your mind in listening to more music that relaxes you, the beast will be out of your mind. Well, that was just sentimental of me in my understanding of stress but here are more proven ways of managing stress:

  1. Ensure you get enough sleep. When you are asleep, your mind and body gets to rest. You get refreshed and you wake up fresh.
  2. Do a lot of exercises; activities that involve your body and mind like jogging, running, skipping rope, press ups and more.
  3. Eat healthy, balanced diets. Your brain, like any other organ needs a lot of energy and minerals for it function normally
  4. Take time out of your busy day to engage in hobbies like reading, listening to music, swimming, playing with the kids, etc
  5. Accept that there are situations in life that you cannot change and leave them as they are.
  6. Manage your time well and in effect you will be managing stress
  7. In severe conditions of stress, seek help from mental health professionals like psychologists or even reliable friends/family members.
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